WGS84World Geodetic System 1984
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Especificacoes da imagem OLI/LANDSAT 8 Orbita/Ponto 221/81 Data 26/05/2013 Hora (TMG) 13:20:46 Azimute Solar 33,44[degrees] Elevacao Solar 30,87[degrees] Qualidade da Imagem 9* Sistema Geodesico de Referencia WGS84 Fonte: USGS (2013) Tabela 2--Estatistica descritiva para indice de area foliar medido no campo ([IAF.sub.c]) de um clone de Eucalyptus saligna Smith em diferentes idades.
The only other Swordfish recorded in Canadian Pacific waters (reportedly captured within the Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone) was caught far offshore by the M/V Tomi Maru #88 as gillnet bycatch (catch location UTM: Zone 9, 345904 E, 5273880 N, WGS84) on 8 August 1983 (Sloan 1984; Peden and Jamieson 1988) during a joint Canadian-Japanese test fishery for oceanic squid (Sloan 1984).
were captured by hand from cover objects and from the leaf litter at the La Selva Biological Station, Heredia Province, Costa Rica (10[degrees]27'20" N, 84[degrees]0'20" W, datum: WGS84) in July 2010.
The dynamic model used in orbit determination includes (1) the two-body gravitation, (2) the nonspherical gravitation (the WGS84 20 x 20 gravity), (3) the atmospheric perturbation (1976 standard atmosphere model), (4) the gravitation of the Moon and Sun (DE405 numerical planetary ephemeris), (5) the solar radiation pressure (spherical model), and (6) the perturbation of rigid tides.
where idp is the ID of route point [RP.sub.i], t is the corresponding time stamp for [RP.sub.i], and P is the WGS84 coordinate of [RP.sub.i].
The delivery of metadata is a common issue experienced at the AHO as we use data sourced from third-party private companies who use different datums that make it difficult to transform into WGS84 and LAT.
All coordinates are in WGS84. Site Date banded Age/Sex Latitude AV1c 30-Jul-12 Hatch year/Unk 33.74402 AV2c 30-Jul-12 Hatch year/Unk 33.74411 AV03c 12-Jun-13 Adult/Unk 33.74257 AV04a 12-Jun-13 Adult/Female 33.74401 AV04a 12-Jun-13 Adult/Male 33.74401 Site Longitude Band ID * AV1c -118.40582 DGDG/YEYE : WHWH/Mre AV2c -118.40117 DGDG/YEYE : YEYE/Mre AV03c -118.40328 -/Msi : -/- AV04a -118.40144 -/Msi : -/- AV04a -118.40144 -/- : /-Msi * Top Left Leg/Bottom Left Leg : Top Right Leg/Bottom Right Leg.
En la siguiente tabla se aprecia la cuantificacion y ubicacion de cada punto critico (coordenadas este y norte, sistema de proyeccion WGS84 zona 18s) (Tabla No 7).
The altimetry data were obtained from the digital elevation model (DEM) generated from ASTER images (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission Reflection Radiometer) of October 2011, whose resolution has 30 m with vertical error of 7 to 14 m, using geographic projection system WGS84 (World Geodetic system) (ASTER, 2013).
World Geodetic System-1984 Coordinate System (WGS84) is selected to be reference frame in this scenario.