WGSRWater-Gas Shift Reaction
WGSRWorking Group on Strategies and Review
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The gasification of coal results in the production of syngas containing mainly [H.sub.2] and CO; after the gas cleaning, the [H.sub.2]/CO ratio of the syngas can be adjusted to suitable ratio by water-gas shift reaction (WGSR) and finally the syngas can be converted to SNG through CO methanation.
A multistep process requires for producing hydrogen on board usually accomplished by reform of hydrocarbons or methanol, followed by high and low temperature water gas shift reaction (WGSR) [1-8].
Binary CuO-ZnO and ternary CuO-ZnO-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] mixed oxide catalysts have been widely employed commercially for the WGSR. Unfortunately, the problems for applying CuOZnO catalysts under these conditions are pertain to poor thermal stability and the pyrophoricity of the material [10].