WGWWhitby Gothic Weekend
WGWWimberley Glass Works (Texas)
WGWWorking Group of the Whole
WGWWarriors and Guardians of the Woods (online gaming guild)
WGWWhite Girl Wasted
WGWWestern Gas Wyoming, LLC.
WGWWij Gaan Winnen (Dutch: We Are Winning)
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PICO also marked WGW each year with great zeal and passion.
The prewhaling WGW population is thought to have been much smaller (see Berzin and Vladimirov, 1981), but they were apparently not as restricted in geographic range as they are today (Reeves et al.
2015) suggest that the extant WGW and EGW populations have the potential to mix, and thus contemporary signals of population differentiation may represent historical patterns.
It has proved a terrific fund-raiser for WGW and great fun for all who've joined us for the last couple of years.
O'Brien paid tribute to the team of fund-raisers at WGW.
We are pleased to appoint WGW to operate our rig and support us in our ongoing operations," Mr Karoll said.
This is an exciting opportunity for WGW to leverage our entire CSG value chain expertise providing total field solutions to WestSide," Mr Rogers said.
Contract Period: Effective May 2013, the 12 month contract marks the continuation of a two and a half year contract first awarded to WGW in March 2011.
O'Brien, a WGW volunteer, added: "We're hoping this will be a fantastic and fun-filled night, raising money in the process.
The WGW re-homing kennels in Hersham is a place of safety for greyhounds, all of whom are awaiting a home.
WGW will provide pipeline project management personnel for the 420km gas transmission pipeline (GTP) development as part of the Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas (GLNG) project, in Queensland, Australia.
Kringos DS, Boerma WGW, Bourgueil Y, Cartier T, Hasvold T, Hutchinson A, Lember M, Oleszszyk M, Pavlic DR, Svab I, Tedeschi P, Wilson A, Windak A, Dedeu T, Wilm S.