WHAHWomen's History and Ancient History
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You go en git in de river agin, whah you b'longs, en doan' do nuffn to Ole Jim, 'at
"Well, when it come dark I tuck out up de river road, en went 'bout two mile er more to whah dey warn't no houses.
De men 'uz all 'way yonder in de middle, whah de lantern wuz.
I reckon you'd shoot me in de back, maybe, if you got a chance, for dat's jist yo' style--I knows you, throo en throo--but I don't mind gitt'n killed, beca'se all dis is down in writin' and it's in safe hands, too, en de man dat's got it knows whah to look for de right man when I gits killed.
Yee Whah Chin is Professor in the School of Social Sciences at Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia; email: ywchin@usm.my
Chin Yee Whah. "Ethnicity and the Transformation of the Ali-Baba Partnership in the Chinese Business Culture in Malaysia".
Want a sto'y; jes' hyeah daft Whah 'll I git a sto'y at?
That's whah shoo 'as prunes besahdes All Bran fer breakfast."
Yo go en git in de river agin, whah you b'longs, en doan' do nuffin to Ole Jim, 'at 'uz awluz yo' fren'." (67)
O Ma Rainey, Sing yo' song; Now you's back Whah you belong, Git way inside us, Keep us strong...
Whah's de da'kies, dem dat used to be a-dancin' Ev'ry night befo' de ole cabin do'?
Ah wer chock baffled wi' awl that rigmarole an' Ah asked 'im whah we 'ad ter use us elbows an' feet.