WHAMMWindsor Heights Annual Mini-Marathon (Des Moines, IA)
WHAMMWetland Habitat and Mosquito Management (Connecticut)
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WHAMM! Even though he was perfectly balanced and square over the bar, somehow, as he was coming off the last kink, his board flipped half-way over, perfectly upside-down, sending him face-first flat into the cement.
WHAMM Batman star Val Kilmer in steamy action with Kate' POW-DER Holy noses!
Although thitt is a hapax legomenon in the surviving parts of the Ormulum, an exact parallel can be found in sitt, a contraction of the particle se (which occurs in wha se, whamm se 'whoever', whatt se 'whatever', whann se 'whenever', whaer se 'wherever', anan se, forthrihht se, son se 'as soon as', all se, swa se 'as') and the personal pronoun itt: