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WHAPWaterville House of Pizza (Waterville, ME)
WHAPWomen Who Administer Punishment (BDSM magazine)
WHAPWorld History Advanced Placement
WHAPWomen Helping All People (Marin City, CA)
WHAPWhole Arm Proximity Sensor (Sandia)
WHAPWhere/When Applicable
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According to Mufti Mustafa Ceric of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who also chaired sessions during the WHAP, halal is not just food choice but also a practice in terms of good actions toward people.
I was sure the blades would whap into the sand, causing the generators to fall offline, and make the cockpit dark for the remainder of the ball up.
Thanks also to the field crew: Beboy Whap, Thomas Whap, Ben Watson and Cameo Daley as well as Tim Denham, Garrick Hitchcock, Ian McNiven and Jeremy Ash for reading drafts of this paper.
"Benny and Bjorn were already consummate performers and musicians and, to be honest, at that time a lot of the competition was pretty amateurish, so when they came out with Waterloo it was just 'whap...
He's heading for the forest, and that's when my Bobtail goes, Whap!"
Picking one out, I carefully drew, aimed, focused and smoothly released: whap! Damn, that felt sooo gooood!
Surveys were conducted under the direction of the West Hawaii Aquarium Project (WHAP, a collaboration of the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (HDAR), the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and Washington State University), and are therefore referred to as "WHAP surveys" here.
Clumsily Dayo raised his basket cover, a makeshift shield, and whap!-whap!-whap!
I had on a jig, sent it to a nearby bridge support, let it fall a foot or so, and Whap! Another trout.
For example, if you hear a symphony of duck and goose calls, that way is "General Outdoors." Take a compass bearing of 180 degrees from the honking waterfowl, and that will be "L.E.-Tactical." If you feel a sudden whap! impact on the back of your head, reach around to wipe it and find your hand dripping with dayglo orange gunk, that means the "Paintball Section" is somewhere behind you.
From image to image we see the artist running from one end of the table to the other, appearing to whap a ball (also drawn in white paint) back and forth as he goes.