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WHAPWaterville House of Pizza (Waterville, ME)
WHAPWomen Who Administer Punishment (BDSM magazine)
WHAPWorld History Advanced Placement
WHAPWomen Helping All People (Marin City, CA)
WHAPWhole Arm Proximity Sensor (Sandia)
WHAPWhere/When Applicable
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Because of the scarcity of reef fish abundance data for Oahu for the year 2003, when stomach contents for this study were obtained, we based electivity calculations on diet composition data obtained from the Kona sample, and on reef fish abundance data for the Kona coast from WHAP surveys in 2003.
9 4-letter words: bias (2) duck (1) veld (3) yogh (1) phiz (5) menu (6) task (1) bult (6) Harz dhak (1) bile (3) hole (4) slip (2) knur (1) vols (6) bury (2) dawt (4) hexa late (1) bumf (2) dhow (1) Xipe (3) lash (4) plew (3) zhos (1) pita (7) whap
Homeowners usually use a long cane pole to whap the nuts down or find some 10-year-old kids willing to spend an entire afternoon throwing baseball gloves or old sneakers up into the tree to knock nuts down.
Dermot Weld may be scaling down his operation somewhat but last year's Festival was a source of immense satisfaction to him after the success of Worsley Treasure in The Whap 3yo Race which resulted in him equalling the legendary Senator J J Parkinson all-time winning record of 2577 victories.
The animal can hide in its spiked shell for protection, but it keeps its tail out to whap things.
It's the millennium, and food product marketers and the world of food industry pundits resound with the whap, whap, whap of crystal balls being furiously buffed for inklings of product and process trends to come.
I didn't succeed, and when no one was watching I whapped her all the way downstairs, face down, on the banister, whap whap whap, one whap per step.
On a subsequent visit to the site on 1 May 2000 by senior members of the Mabuyag community (Colin Bani, John Bani, John Mooka, Cygnet Repu, Terrence Whap and John Whop), IM (then University of Melbourne), BD (Monash University), Garrick Hitchcock (then Native Title Office, Thursday Island), and John Brayer (University of New Mexico), two small, thin, weathered pottery sherds (both with remnant red slip) were found amongst a lag deposit of stone artefacts associated with a c.
The whap in the jaw, slug of the male jaw, castrated bullet of the
The idea is to get your minder to whap the photographer over the head with it
Di Leonardo gives a firm whap to Germaine Greer's celebration of the sometimes violent Indian mother-in-law/ daughter-in-law relationship, the proliferation of goddess worship in the United States and the pitfalls of cultural relativism.