WHARCWomen's Health and Action Research Centre
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However, many of the 350 couples who come to WHARC each year need different treatments, including induction of ovulation, varicocoele repair, and tubal repair.
WHARC is committed to addressing the epidemic of infertility at its root and is actively engaged in community education to reduce the prevalence of STIs.
Although WHARC has not been successful in helping most infertile couples achieve pregnancy, the fact that they offer any help is of great value to their clients.
At one time, both the Family Planning Association of India and WHARC of Nigeria felt overwhelmed by the idea of responding to the problem of infertility.
Although the staff at Bhiwandi and at WHARC are proud of their accomplishments, their efforts to help infertile couples conceive is, in many ways, an uphill battle; the trial is even greater for their clients.
WHARC itself was established in 1995 with the mission to promote the health and social well-being of women through research, evidence-based advocacy, capacity building and high-quality service delivery.
The Ford Foundation, New York provided the first funding support for establishing WHARC and founding the AJRH.
A parallel study is also being undertaken by WHARC with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) (10), Canada to improve the use of Primary Health Centres (PHCs) by pregnant women and the quality of BEmOC offered by PHCs in Nigeria.
Grace au financement de l'Organisation mondiale de la sante (8), le WHARC a realise un certain nombre d'etudes de formation quantitatives et qualitatives qui evaluent la qualite des SOUC dans huit centres de reference dans quatre zones geopolitiques du pays.
La bonne nouvelle est que les parties prenantes cles, y compris les decideurs et les responsables gouvernementaux travaillent avec le WHARC pour concevoir des interventions efficaces pour combler les lacunes identifiees.
Le WHARC entreprend egalement une etude parallele, grace au financement du Centre de Recherche sur le Developpement International (CRDI) 10, au Canada, afin d'ameliorer l'utilisation des centres de sante primaires (CSP) par les femmes enceintes et la qualite des SOUB offerts par les CSP au Nigeria.