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WHASWet Hot American Summer (movie)
WHASWomen's Health and Aging Study
WHASWest Hancock Ambulance Service (Britt, IA)
WHASWestchester Association of Hebrew Schools
WHASWomen's Health Assessment Scale (psychology)
WHASWe Have A Signal
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"Wha knows but there'll be a reward offered for it ane o' these days?
"Wha do ye think has driven here to see ye, from Windygates Hoose, and been owertaken in the storm?"
Show me a woman--and I'll show ye a man not far off wha' has mair expenses on his back than he ever bairgained for." Arnold's patience would last no longer--he turned to the door.
"Wha' won't do?" he said, and added, after looking sleepily into Montgomery's face for a minute, "Blasted Sawbones!"
She didn't know wha'd happen but he just stared at her an' says, `You give me some water an' stop talkin'.'"
In this one day we effected wha had cost us five-and-a-half hard days' labour in ascending On the 8th, we reached the Beagle after our twenty-one days expedition.
'John Anderson, My Jo'; reflective sentiment; feeling for nature; sympathy with animals; vigorous patriotism, as in 'Scots Wha Hae' (and Burns did much to revive the feeling of Scots for Scotland); deep tragedy and pathos; instinctive happiness; delightful humor; and the others.
In order to assess the contribution of proposed secure routing protocol (SNAuth_SPERIPv2) against WHA, simulation has been carried out with and without route stability.
For defending against WHA, it is necessary to drops maximum frames/packets by wormhole tunnel before replayed.
In order to evaluate security behavior in terms of QoS of integrated UMTS and WLAN network under WHA with different security scheme are structured in seven phases.
The comparative analysis of different security schemes under WHA based on mentioned QoS metrics for all scenarios are given in the following sections.
In this scenario, performance of various security schemes has been evaluated when the number of mobile nodes increases from 4 to 20 with and without WHA while keeping the number of flow equal to the number of mobile nodes.