WHATTWorkforce Housing Association of Truckee-Tahoe (est. 2002; Truckee, CA)
WHATTWorld Hospitality and Tourism Trends
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Now how the deuce am I to tell Hurree Babu, and whatt the deuce am I to do?
Chef Whatt developed the cuisine concept to both engage and excite cuisine connoisseurs and food lovers alike with modern interpretations of Asian classics that gastronomically play with both one's taste buds and minds through culinary illusions and new epicurean experiences, said a statement
Nimbin local Whatt said: "Nimbin is a really peaceful place just the way it is."
She makes frequent references to the neglectful and mean Percy Freke, an "unkin[d] husband," she claims, "[who] never in his life took any care for me or whatt I did" (53).
"We had to clear our lines three times within a matter of seconds early in the second half but that is whatt defenders are there for.
whatt thoughe you were once in possession yett comminge vpon you once vnawares he frayde you out againe.
Eagle Trophy round two: Division A winner: WC Gallafant 40 points; Division B winner: D C Couzens 40 points; Division C winner: I Whatt 39 points.
2001), butyrylcholinesterase (Shen 1998), glutathione S-transferase and cytochrome P4[50.sub.1][A.sub.1] (Whatt et al.
Instructions, compiler: 'Rede thys offt butt rede hit soft | And whatt [thorn]ou redust forzeete hit nozt | For here [thorn]e soth [thorn]ou maght se | What fruyte come[thorn] of [thorn]y body'.
77 The list, entitled "Whatt are aproved remedies to helpe Venus as the Lerned Saye," enumerates some 78 items.
Although thitt is a hapax legomenon in the surviving parts of the Ormulum, an exact parallel can be found in sitt, a contraction of the particle se (which occurs in wha se, whamm se 'whoever', whatt se 'whatever', whann se 'whenever', whaer se 'wherever', anan se, forthrihht se, son se 'as soon as', all se, swa se 'as') and the personal pronoun itt:
That "[t]hey do not find whatt hey seek," as Virginia Woolf says,(1) has never ceased to puzzle readers, especially feminists looking for a sister in one who was determined to fulfill her aspirations for love and vocation.