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WHCRWrite Handling Control Register (computing)
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About the Hosts: Ricky Young is the radio host of "What's in Your Hand" on WHCR 90.3 fm - City Colleges of New York ( www.whcr.org ).
A summary of the research presented at the Symposium and feedback from the Forum will be included in a publication to be released this year by the researchers at WHCR.
In applying GBA to "wait times" in this case study, WHCR recommended that a more appropriate representation of the issue, rather than "wait times," would be "timely access to care," and this became the title for the March 2007 workshop, co-hosted by WHCR and the Women's Health Contribution Program members.
Pat Armstrong, Professor of Sociology at York University and the Chair of WHCR. In his opening presentation, Rachlis pointed out that wait times are not cured and that simplified models developed to increase physician and nurse expediency alone cannot rectify patient backlogs.
With these introductory words as the backdrop, WHCR invited participants to join one of four hands-on sessions, exploring GBA and timely access to care in the areas of programs for Aboriginal populations, hip and knee surgeries, health care work place and mental health.
In Gender-based Analysis and Wait Times: New Questions, New Knowledge, WHCR authors Jackson et al point out that women and men have different experiences of health, illness and treatment, have different health care needs, access health care differently and may experience different outcomes from programs and services.
WHCR continues to apply GBA to the issue of wait times and timely access to health care.
WHCR Recommendations on equitable wait times research and policy