WHCSWest Hills Christian School (Portland, OR)
WHCSWell History Control System (USGS)
WHCSWinter Hill Community School (Somerville, MA)
WHCSWest Hernando Christian School (Spring HIll, FL)
WHCSWhite House Chief of Staff
WHCSWomen's Health Care Specialists
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The water holding capacities (WHC) of the samples were found by gravimetric method [28].
Water holding capacity: The data presented in Table I has shown, that WHC of the native red bean and haleem wheat flours are less than native wheat flour, while MWT has increased the WHC of all the three types of the flours.
In Liberia, which has found peace, The Coca-Cola Company/WHI have moved in to begin the implementation of their clean water service, starting with the building of 3o WHCs - at least five will be up and running this year.
By 2008, there were 10,642 abortions annually in Kansas, 5,131 of them for out-of-state women who mostly flocked to WHCS in Wichita.
WHCS received a pounds 90,000 donation from the Morgan Foundation towards refurbishment.
The fixed effect portion of the model (obtained by assuming random effects are zero) provides the ability to predict future average MC in the center of stakes exposed to vermiculite held at other WHCs. Figure 4 illustrates the fit of the fixed effect portion of the model (estimated population mean obtained by setting random effects to zero) as well as the fixed plus random effect model (obtained by setting random effects to calculated value).
'The proposed property has considerable advantages for WHCS. It allows them to realise their long held ambition for self-contained premises.
As part of the WHCs Corporate Lands for Learning program, the Brooksville, Miami FEC Quarry and the Clermont Sand Mine offer their unique surroundings as a tool for exploring ecological concepts.
Wirral Holistic Care Services (WHCS), in Claughton, offers psychological support and a wide range of complementary therapies to cancer sufferers.
In July cancer patients across Wirral learned that a vital holistic therapy centre run by Wirral Holistic Care Service (WHCS) is to be demolished.
has been awarded the prestigious Conservation Education Award at the Wildlife Habitat Council's (WHC) 26th Annual Symposium, Celebrating Corporate Conservation.
Water holding capacity (WHC), moisture, electron microscopic observation, assay of heme pigment (myoglobin concentration) and myoglobin analysis using SDS-PAGE were carried out using a portion of all samples.