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WHDIWireless Home Digital Interface
WHDIWireless High Definition Interface (wireless video)
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Among the various high-speed wireless technologies, WHDI is projected to move away from traditional consumer electronics uses toward more niche applications, such as high-end video production and real-time streaming of high-definition content.
Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) is a consumer electronic standard for wireless HDTV connectivity that enables uncompressed wireless delivery of high-definition video, allowing consumers to connect any video content source in the home to any display device.
Currently, TRi said, there are three major wireless audio/video transmission standards: WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface), WirelessHD (WiHD), and WiGig (Wireless Gigabit Alliance).
The RF5616 is targeted for high-performance mobile PC and embedded applications including access points, gateways, DSL routers, wireless high definition interface (WHDI), and WLAN for wireless video distribution networks.
Amimon Inc of Israel prototyped a system that wirelessly transmits 3D high-definition video by using the WHDI high-speed wireless standard, which uses the 5GHz band.
Boonin is chair-elect of the Wage & Hour Defense Institute (WHDI) of the Litigation Counsel of America, comprised of rigidly selected and experienced wage and hour defense attorneys from across the United States.
And Craig Mathias blogs about the other competing standards, such as WHDI and WirelessHD - but says that the really interesting part about WiGig is that it might actually result in products in as little as a year.
A high-speed wireless device includes one of the following technologies: WirelessHD, WHDI, 802.11ad (WiGig) or multi-stream Wi-Fi.
This new innovative product exclusively designed by Olion using WHDI technology (Wireless Home Digital Interface), was introduced for the first time this month at the CES, causing great interest and excitement among many of the show's attendees.