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WHELKWest Highland European Leader Kist (UK)
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Two species of large, predatory marine gastropods account for most whelk harvested in the US Mid-Atlantic.
Significant responses to homogenates, but not to seawater from above barnacle patches or over sand flats, would indicate 1) positive whelk chemosensory ability, and 2) the absence of behaviorally meaningful waterborne cues in association with native (high-density) patches of barnacle prey.
The whelk processing factory in Kavarna has a contract for a subsidy of over BGN 109 000 under Measure 4.
The channeled whelk (Busycotypus canaliculatus: Melongenidae) supports a small but growing fishery in Massachusetts.
Remove whelk meat from shell and reserve in liquid,
This day-long food festival will also include a mackerel barbecue, whelk racing and music on the pier (www.
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I can tell the difference between a mollusk and a whelk, a
The company smuggled more than 54,000 pounds of queen conch meat to Florida via Canada, labeling the shellfish delicacy as clams or whelk so it could be shipped legally, Environment Canada said.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-31 March 2005-Plans for whelk factory on Froya - report(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
If such a sorry tale proves anything it is the total irrelevance of this European Quango and the inability of Labour to run a whelk stall, let alone two enormous institutions, one of which is our own city council.
The only plant now operating on the coast, Blanc Sablon Seafoods, processes scallops, whelk, lumpfish roe, stimson clams and sea urchins.