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WHETWomen in Higher Education in Tennessee (Nashville, TN)
WHETWilmington Harbor Enhancement Trust (est. 1993; Wilmington, NC)
WHETWorkshop on Heuristic and Exploratory Testing
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Whet, whet, whet,--Humphrey Van Weyden sharpening his knife in a ship's galley and trying its edge with his thumb!
TASTY: At Hong Sing Chinese Restaurant you will find an array of authentic Chinese dishes to whet your appetite
There is much to whet the appetite of any connoisseur of bizarrely named syndromes, from "toxic sock" syndrome (pitted keratolysis caused by Corynebacterium in athletes) to "hotfoot" syndrome (plantar Pseudomonas folliculitis associated with abrasive swimming pool floors).
offers young readers a conversation with a bold hearted Saw Whet Owl who tells them "things they should know" about owls in their native habitat.
A good addition to the home library, or home school library as a book to whet the interest of young men who may be reluctant to read a 'story' book.
It's been a good run, and you can see how much the fans have enjoyed it - the whole club has enjoyed it - and it has whet our appetites for more.
Gabe Huck's "Get hungry for Lent" (pages 18-22) looks at fasting, almsgiving, and prayer as spiritual exercises that whet our appetite for the reign of God.
Here are a few examples of research activity in and around Tsukuba to whet your appetite:
A highly recommended nonfiction book to whet young minds' curiosity about world history, Mummies, Pyramids, And Pharaohs would make a popular addition to any school or community library system collection.
Topics covered in the index will whet the research appetite of any scholar interested in Isaac Backus or Baptist life in colonial and revolutionary America.
Chef Carli will send out a little something to whet your appetite.
But Barnum was not the only showman who sought to whet public interest by raising questions of truth and artifice; in fact, as Cook reveals, he was one of many exhibitors who embraced this strategy, some of whom actually preceded and influenced Barnum.