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WHIOWhite House in Orbit (webcomic)
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com/news/crime-ampampampamp-law/brock-turner-could-return-ohio-this-week/CMD9ttTPk7K86NM5PBNK0I/) WHIO reported .
com/news/news/man-arrested-for-having-sex-with-pool-raft/nYk3Y/) police told WHIO.
In this new study, the team examined data from 45,112 participants in the WHIOS to gauge how various types of estrogen pills, different delivery methods (patch versus pill) and different doses of oral conjugated equine estrogen affected women's health.
At WHIOS baseline, participants also completed a food frequency questionnaire to assess vitamin D intake from foods and supplements, and reported sunlight exposure for each city/town in which they lived from age 18 years to the present.