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WHIPWildlife Habitat Incentives Program
WHIPWhite Pages
WHIPWildlife Habitat Improvement Program
WHIPWalks and Hits per Innings Pitched (baseball)
WHIPWorkforce Health Improvement Program
WHIPWell Head Injection Pressure
WHIPWorcester Housing Improvement Program (Massachusetts, USA)
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They have been slain,--even the Sayer of the Law; even the Other with the Whip.
He stood on a knoll in the stubble, holding his whip aloft, and again repeated his long-drawn cry, "A-tu
If you can tell me what you will get for your roast meat, you shall be free, and shall also keep the whip.
I have known him to cut and slash the women's heads so horribly, that even master would be enraged at his cruelty, and would threaten to whip him if he did not mind himself.
The rain and darkness had got thicker, and he was glad of it; though it was awkward walking with both hands filled, so that it was as much as he could do to grasp his whip along with one of the bags.
These tender-hearted gentry should consider that it's not merely a squire, but a governor they are asking to whip himself; just as if it was 'drink with cherries.
Topsy, I shall have to whip you, if you tell lies so.
The house-boy extended the whip to him, but Billy did not take it.
At sight of von Horn several of them rushed for him with menacing growls, but a swift crack of the bull whip brought them to a sudden realization of the identity of the intruder, so that they slunk away, muttering and whining in rage.
He then chucked the reins and flipped about with the whip, saying, "Now, then, it's no use playing the old soldier with me; there's the journey to go, and it's no use turning lame and lazy.
Don't you mind her, mates, bring a whip each of you, get ready
Certainly," said Hal, with freezing politeness, taking hold of the gee-pole with one hand and swinging his whip from the other.