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WHIPPETWindows Hydraulic Interconnected Processes Profile Evaluation Tool (computer model for evaluation of hydraulic profiles in wastewater treatment plants)
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Kevin raises funds for Stroke Association by donning costumes for Twitter photographs in return for charity donations and his many fans have paid [pounds sterling]3,000 to date to see him pull off such looks as Dog Vader, Cleopatra, Father Christmas, Slash and even a midwife with his whippet grace.
Fellow dog lover Matthew Storer, from Northfield, said he had become friends with the owner and Alfie after he started walking his whippet Travis in Cotteridge Park about three years ago.
He's very hyper and loves to run - his whippet side far exceeds the Cairn side.
She says: "We enjoyed a lot of success with the whippets and at the independents and were owners at Belle Vue.
Jim is a star, both for his owners and for the "gongoozler" Americans, who are not used to seeing whippets or British canal boats.
Seattle didn't even want to talk about it," said Carbajal, a whippet lover and owner.
Whippet breeders have, unintentionally, selected for their dogs to carry the mutated myostatin gene.
The search for a whippet that escaped from a cage at John F.
Fire crews went into the house and rescued the dog, believed to be a whippet, before administering first aid to the pet.
My neighbours ran out to try and stop him, but were met with abuse as the whippet shook my cat in its teeth.
Even the simple subject of a typically small painting--for instance, Camp's portrait of a woman in blue gathering in her arms a whippet that's really too big for he r to hold--seems to have been painted while the canvas was constantly rotating on the wall.