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However, a set-top video box can be expected to whir and growl almost continually.
When trout fishing, I often first notice the dipper from the whir of its wings or its cheerful call.
hermetic world of cells sloughing, whir of the body's constant
Giant tubular bird mincers that whir and moan 24 hours a day and eventually, after a year or so, produce just enough energy to light up Mrs Llewellyn's bedside lamp."
As the break ended and the workshop began to whir once again, instructor Hubert McCabe reflected on the proceedings.
Unfazed, the bander clamps an ID band around the bird's twiglike leg, opens his hand, and watches the hummingbird whir away.
In an article about the future of online grocery shopping among the ruins of Webvan, the reporter wrote: 'At a giant centralized warehouse, automated carousels and conveyors whir into action, placing fresh kiwis, arboreal rice and herbal tea [into plastic boxes]....'
After all, how believable is a computer-generated invading army of androids when you don't hear a single stomp or whir?
bodies, in their whir of glory, clash of guitars, projected flash of
"American life is now accompanied by the 24-hour whir of 300 BioWatch detectors in 30 major urban centers, with more to come," continued the survey.
If you listen, in the treetops, you can hear a whir of wings,