WHISCWestern Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
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The Government has placed mental health high on its agenda, but with NHS resources decreasing, places like WHISC play a vital role in primary care.
Full list of winners Merseyside Woman of the Year 2011: Lisa Collins CATEGORY WINNERS: Inspirational Woman: Angela Cholet Runner up: Bea Freeman Entrepreneur: Sharon Carroll Runner up: Jan Williams Lear ning: Sue Snowdon Runner up: Lisa Collins Arts and Culture: Crissy Rock Runner up: Karen Gallagher Women's Group: WHISC Community: Barbara Fitzgerald Runner up: Cath Bowen Caring: Beth-Marie Rosewell Runner up: Val Price Humanitarian: Joint winners: Ruby Porter; Sue Wakeling Woman Achieving: Claire Lara
WHISC is uniquely positioned to support the modernization of Latin America security forces as they work to transcend their controversial pasts.
WHISC is building partner capacity which enhances regional and global security while encouraging respect for human rights and promoting democratic principles among eligible military personnel, law enforcement officials, and civilians of the nations of the Western Hemisphere.
WHISC is an invaluable education and training facility the curriculum of which is not duplicated in any of the military departments and is not replaceable by professional military education (PME) funded by appropriations for IMET, for which education is not conducted in Spanish and does not concentrate on regional challenges.
What's more, Bourgeois' organization has obtained, after a three-year battle, the names of WHISC graduates and has already linked several to corruption and human rights abuses--including a Salvadoran officer involved in a massacre of 16 people, a Bolivian officer responsible for the torture of a human rights leader, and three Colombians implicated in a corruption scheme involving counter-narcotics funds.
The Venezuelan action has energized the movement to close the school, along with the new revelati0ns about WHISC graduates, said Eric LeCompte, SOA Watch's coordinator of organizing.
WHISC was formally established in 1986 by a group of women from a variety of backgrounds in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool.
Every course at WHISC includes a mandatory human rights block with a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of 40 hours," DiNicolo said in an interview with NCR.
Pauline Daniels - presenting the awards on June 24 Cath Bowen Sharon Carroll Angela Cholet Lisa Collins Barbara Fitzgerald Bea Freeman Woman of the Year 2010, Catherine Hegarty Karen Gallagher Claire Lara Crissy Rock Beth-Marie Rosewell * Susan Wakeling * Sue Snowdon WHISC * Jan Williams
WHISC will be holding an open day on Friday from 11amto 3pm offering free therapy taster sessions, henna hand-painting and information about what the organisation offers.
WHISC also offers qualifications in women's health.