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WHKWilliams Hatchman Kean (accountancy firm in Sydney, Australia)
WHKWhitman Hanson Kingston Youth Hockey (Hanson, MA)
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In the same year he became chairman of Hirschfeld's WhK. For a few months he held, in his own words, "a remarkably subordinate and uninteresting job" at the Berlin Institute for Sexual Science, and in November 1929 he was selected as the third assessor of the executive committee of the WhK.
(10) As strongholds of the male homosexual movement, both the WhK and the BfM insisted on their members' innocence.
WHK in Cleveland; WSM in Nashville, Tenn.; and California radio stations KMJ and KFBK, of Fresno and Sacramento, soon climbed on the bandwagon.
Van stolen A WHITE Transit van, registration S883 WHK, was stolen overnight from a compound at Eastmoors Road in Cardiff.
Saturday will see local community acts take to the stage including Destinasian, Abingdon Steel Band, Macmillan Academy, Balbir Singh Dance Company, Mums the Word, WHK, Apollo Arts, Steelworks, Constellation and Bradley School of Dance.
Tonks; D O Keeff To T mkins (0-1) Byrne (1-1, 0-1 free, 0-Og McGove (0-1) for Ton fo f r Byrn Kenn Guin OF W Offaly: J Dempsey; N Wynne, D Kelliher, B WHK Watkins; S Gardiner, R Hanniffy, D Mooney; D Kilmartin, S Ryan; S Cleary, J.
The full list of players who will be part of the tour is as follows: Emma Naris (Concordia HS), Lovisa Mulunga (Academia HS), Lena Noroses (Jan Mohr HS), Albertha Dawes (Eldorado HS), Vitapamwe Kamahene (Augustineum HS), Vewewiza Kotjipati (JS Academy),Carmel Don (WHK Gymnasium), Zenatha Coleman (JS Academy), Kleintjie Fredericks (Okahandja Beauties), Juliana Skrywer (Okahandja Beauties), Shirley Cloete (Okahandja Beauties), Tomalina Adams (Okahandja Beauties), Stacey Naris (Okahandja Beauties), Marele Polster (Okahandja Beauties), Ndapewa Katuta (Js Academy),Susanna Eises (Okahandja Beauties), Monique Khrone (Rehoboth Queens FC), Lorraine Jossop (Khomas HS), Elmarie Fredericks (Okahandja Beauties), Rejoice Kasaona (Okahandja Beauties) and Novata Paulus (Js Academy).
There was considerable conflict among some of the early pioneers, with Brand often at odds with Magnus Hirschfeld, who co-founded the Wissenschaftlich-humanitares Komitee (Scientific Humanitarian Committee) or WhK in 1897.
Fr IX fo - n ann of F In the way pu whK the sp Sa bre an gif ma F r fa King Louis kept the crown in the specially built Sainte Chapelle, breaking off thorns and giving them as gifts to people who married into the French royal family, including Mary Queen of Scots.