WHMSWarehouse Management System
WHMSWindy Hill Middle School (Clermont, FL)
WHMSWood's Home Maintenance Service (North Carolina)
WHMSWestern Harnett Middle School (Lillington, NC)
WHMSWest Hall Middle School (Oakwood, GA)
WHMSWoodland Hills Middle School (Woodland Hills, CA)
WHMSWest Holmes Middle School (Ohio)
WHMSWayne Highlands Middle School (Honesdale, PA)
WHMSWhite Hill Middle School (Fairfax, CA)
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The biochemical assessment showed that all WHMs used in this study decrease CD.
TSs are treated with endoscopic and surgical procedures combined with topical WHM application (e.g., MMC) to pharmacologically manipulate ECM formation and prevent tracheal restenosis.
To investigate the effect of stress on the phenotype of activated macrophages present at the wound site, gene expression of markers of wound healing macrophages (WHMs) (IGF-1 and CCL22), regulatory macrophages (RMs) (CCL1) and classically activated macrophages (CAMs) (CXCL-10 and CCL-5) were measured by RT-PCR in wounded tissue commencing from day 2 post-treatment.
Second, we propose an enhanced security hierarchical key agreement scheme with noninteracting for WHMS based on pairings.
We formalize a basic system structure for WHMS in Section 2, and we also give the security model and define the adversary's ability in the same section.
The "Best Jobs in the World" initiative is part of a major international marketing push which will focus upon promoting tourism opportunities provided by Australia's Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program.
Tourism Australia has secured a number of key partners to support the campaign, including Virgin Australia, STA Travel, Citibank, DELL, IKEA, Sony Music and Monster.com, who have created an online 'jobs board', advertising temporary jobs within the Australian tourism industry aimed at travellers visiting the country under Australia's WHM program.
Michael Culloty of MABS said; "The banks are using WHMS to try to create a veneer of helpfulness and bring the lender in as a priority creditor."
Companies such as WHMS offer client pre-eviction counselling and debt management advice.
Williams, secretary of the WHMS Oriental Bureau filed a petition for letters of guardianship over Ah Ying.
Australia's equivalent YMS--working holidaymakers scheme (WHM)--sets a precedent for the dangers of exploitation of young temporary migrants, including "gross underpayment of wages, excessive hours of work, sexual and other forms of harassment and sub-standard living conditions" (Reilly, 2015).
There is limited research data and much anecdotal evidence that British, Irish and Canadian IT professionals who are native English-speakers on Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visas are highly regarded in the Australian marketplace.