WHO-ISHWorld Health Organization-International Society of Hypertension
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The subset of individuals from the CardioBengo study considered for this analysis follows the WHO-ISH risk prediction chart criteria of application [8].
The WHO-ISH risk prediction chart criteria of application [8] only consider individuals aged 40 or older.
The WHO-ISH prediction chart for the Africa D region was used to classify each participant regarding the individual absolute cardiovascular risk [8], based on sex (male or female), age (40-49, 50-59 and [greater than or equal to] 60 years), current smoking status (nonsmoker or smoker), systolic blood pressure (SBP) (120-139, 140-159, 160-179, and [greater than or equal to] 180 mmHg), total blood cholesterol (4, 5, 6,7, and 8 mmol/l), and diabetes (presence or absence, considering the WHO cut point of 6.9 mmol/l [14]).
The WHO-ISH prediction charts estimate the 10-year risk of a fatal or nonfatal major cardiovascular event (myocardial infarction or stroke) expressed in five categories--[less than or equal to] 10% (low), 10-19% (moderate), 20-29% (high), and [greater than or equal to]30% (very high)--in people who do not have established cardiovascular diseases [8].
The use of the WHO-ISH risk prediction chart has already been proven as more cost effective than other approaches that make treatment decisions based on individual risk factor thresholds only, especially for hypertension management [7, 21-23].
In this prediction chart, we included the total cholesterol measurement; however, the WHO-ISH chart offers the possibility of not using this measurement [8].
152/152 60-75 CGMH-2005 (2012) T: 76 C: 76 (T/C: NR) Guo and Chen 84/84 T: 68.8 [+ or -] 7.7 WHO-ISH GMH- (2013) T: 20/22 C: 67.5 [+ or -] 7.4 1999 C: 21/21 Ge and Pan 96/96 52-82 WHO-ISH GMH- (2008) T: 25/23 (T/C: NR) 1999 C: 26/22 Study ID Intervention Control Course Xu et al.
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