WHODASWorld Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule
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The BSI scores showed a significant correlation with WHODAS 2.
For each unit increase in the PHQ-9 and WHODAS scores, there was a 7% and 3% increase in AUDIT score, respectively.
WHODAS II Disability Assessment Schedule Training Manual: A Guide to Administration.
El objetivo de este estudio es describir y comparar el nivel de discapacidad encontrado en pacientes con enfermedad renal cronica avanzada que inician TSR (HD vs DP), medido en el primer mes de iniciar la terapia mediante la herramienta WHODAS II.
El instrumento usado fue el propuesto por la OMS para medir discapacidad: WHODAS II.
Considering the results obtained from the WHODAS II questionnaire analysis, it can be concluded that significant differences were found between the pre-test and post-test scores of the experimental group for several domains of this instrument (p [less than or equal to] .
0), superseding WHODAS II, to assess disability based on the ICF biopsychosocial conceptual model15-18.
However, no such work on validation and translation of WHODAS 2.
Despite research aiming to validate this measure in persons with various health concerns, the 12-item version of the WHODAS 2.
The results of this study found that, in persons with FMS, the WHODAS 2.
75) The WHODAS II can be used to measure, with parity, the level of disability across various conditions.
After the training, WHODAS II and PANSS were administered to 12 patient volunteers twice (by two independent interviewers) and the WHODAS II was retested with these individuals after an interval of two weeks.