WHODASWorld Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule
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They were also provided training, including lectures and facilitated group role-play sessions, in the use of the SRQ-20, WHODAS 2.0, and ASW.
Although the relationship between illness severity and functionality or disability has been widely studied in mental disorders such as schizophrenia [15], studies using these two particular questionnaires, WHODAS 2.0 and ICG, are scarce and all previous works have used standard statistical techniques.
There was a positive correlation between somatic symptoms (Pashto version of BSI) and perceived disabilities (WHODAS 2.0, p =.000).
WHODAS is the instrument that allows the evaluation of the greatest number of operating dimensions in people with very diverse health problems.
For each unit increase in the PHQ-9 and WHODAS scores, there was a 7% and 3% increase in AUDIT score, respectively.
El objetivo de este estudio es describir y comparar el nivel de discapacidad encontrado en pacientes con enfermedad renal cronica avanzada que inician TSR (HD vs DP), medido en el primer mes de iniciar la terapia mediante la herramienta WHODAS II.
The inter-group variability for the pre-test stage revealed no significant differences between the EG and CG in the following areas: Psychosocial area ("Participation in society", "Alertness behavior", "Emotional behavior", "Recreation and pastimes", "Role Emotional", "Mental Health", "Mental Scale" and "Psychosocial Domain"), Physical area ("Getting around", "Life activities", "Sleep and rest", "Body care and movement", "Home management", "Ambulation", "Communication", "Work", "Eating", "Physical Domain", "Physical Functioning", "Role Physical", "Bodily Pain", "Vitality" and "Physical Scale") and General Health area ("Total WHODAS Working" and "General Health").
La principal diferencia entre estos dos instrumentos radica en que el whoDAs ii es generico para ser aplicado de manera universal a personas con cualquier condicion de salud y, por tanto, abarca diferentes dominios del ser humano, y el SCI-DAS ha sido disenado para establecer el grado de discapacidad en personas con lesion medular cronica, lo que implica que los items que lo componen son especificos para esta condicion de salud (7).
Included are assessment inventories for broadband screening of various symptoms, and the WHODAS 2.0 to assess disability and specific severity measure for symptoms such as psychosis.
The most affected domains from the WHODAS II were the moving and getting around, daily living domestic activities and daily activities outside the home for the three groups, with some differences according to the severity of the injury.