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WHOIWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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This research was funded by the National Science Foundation, Academia Sinica, and the WHOI Coastal Ocean Institute.
Elgar joined the WHOI staff in 1999 as a senior scientist.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the approach has drawn criticism from environmentalists and others, who assert that WHOI risks surrendering its academic integrity by partnering with the for-profit world.
These primitive meteorites resemble the bulk solar system composition," said WHOI geologist and coauthor Sune Nielsen.
An operating depth of 6,000 feet was chosen as the least possible value satisfying the needs of the WHOI scientists.
The partnership with the RTDC is the latest initiative from the WHOI Office for Applied Oceanography (OAO), established in 2007 to encourage innovation in technology, serve as a hub for WHOI licensing and commercialization efforts, and protect the institution's intellectual property.
KAUST, located on the shores of the Red Sea, is working with WHOI scientists to establish the KAUST Marine and Ocean Research Center, which will provide critical information about ocean ecosystems, fisheries and water circulation along the Saudi Arabian coast in the northern central Red Sea.
The first sign that such vents might exist at ultraslow ridges came in 1996, when WHOI marine geochemist Chris German, then at the Southampton Oceanography Centre in England, found hydrothermal plumes at the SWIR.
The WHOI ship libraries were updated with the addition of new reference as well as recreational reading materials.
Water--or more specifically, the hydrogen in it--changes the reaction," said Glenn Gaetani, a WHOI petrologist and Sarafian's advisor.
Now, Farr and his WHOI team have developed an optical communication system that complements and integrates with existing acoustic systems to enable data rates of up to 10-to-20 megabits per second over a range of 100 meters using relatively low battery power with small, inexpensive transmitters and receivers.