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WHOMPWildlife Help on Mornington Peninsula (Australia)
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Whomp operated the Blue Mound Standard Station from 1960-1970 and co-owned the Blue Mound Furniture Store from 1970-1987.
Whether you are a scratch, sourdough or whomp biscuit fan, biscuits have made the world a much better place.
When autumn leaves crackled beneath his feet and delicate snowflakes melted on his eyelashes, Benjamin still felt the whomp of the baseball smacking into his glove.
Next came the unmistakable "whomp" of detonating high explosives, followed by whining sounds as shards of shattered armor went flying through the air.
Whomp! In an instant the snow has covered you and you can't move.
She countered that doing so wouldn't be "fair." Fair to whomp
No wonder his concerned passenger is about to whomp him on the back and yell, "Slow it down, Buster, for heaven's sake, or I'm outta here!"
WHOMP! That's how a defibrillator sounds when you trigger it off.
If that special "whomp" of the ball hitting the racquet gets your adrenalin going, head for the 18 clay courts.
Several feet away, a woman in a silk dress smiles as she pulls the trigger of a pneumatic nailer, feeling and hearing that "whomp" of live air surging through the gun.
* Condolences go out to the Blue Mound community with the loss of William "Whomp" Dalluge.
With a flick of the barrel selector, the gun throws a large pattern up close but retains some long-range whomp with the HEVI-Shot in the Extra-Full top tube.