WHOPESWHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme
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World Health Organization: Report of the 14th WHOPES working group meeting: WHO/HQ, Geneva, 11-15 April 2011: review of Spinosad[R] EC, Lifenet[R] LN, MagnetTM LN, Royal Sentry[R] LN, Yahe[R]LN.
World Health Organization: Report of the 4th WHOPES Working Group meeting--IR3535, KBR3023, (RS)-methoprene 20%EC, pyriproxyfen 0.
Status of pesticide registration in the WHO regions: vector-control pesticides and agricultural pesticides registered by one authority, published national guidelines available for registration of public health pesticides, WHOPES recommendations required for registration of public health pesticides, and where WHOPES recommendations are required, they are accepted as the sole basis for national registration.
In most of these countries, WHOPES recommendations served as a supportive element in pesticide registration.
CONCLUSIONS: Because millions of people in malaria control areas experience conditions of multiple sources and routes of exposure to any number of insecticides, even though lives are saved through malaria prevention, identification of potential infant health risks associated with insecticide residues in breast milk must be incorporated in WHOPES evaluations and in the development of appropriate risk assessment tools.
gambiae succeeded in feeding through Olyset[R] net which got full recommendations from WHOPES as compared to NetProtect[R] which presently has interim recommendation.
At present WHOPES has given full recommendations to Olyset(r) net, incorporated with permethrin into polyethylene and Permanet(r) 2, coated on polyester with deltamethrin whereas interim recommendations to Netprotect(r) (Icon-Life) deltamethrin-incorporated into polyethylene filaments, Interceptor(r) coated on polyester with alpha cypermethrin and Duranet(r) alpha-cypermethrin incorporated into polyethylene filaments (6).
With only four classes of insecticide currently recommended by the WHOPES for IRS, no new classes of insecticide for adult mosquito control have been introduced in the past 40 years, which has given rise to the problem of some mosquito populations being resistant to existing interventions.
and cleared by WHOPES was evaluated as a space spray/fog for its efficacy against three vector mosquitoes in field conditions.