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WHPCWestlake Hills Presbyterian Church (Austin, TX)
WHPCWorld Heads-Up Poker Championship (also seen as WHUPC)
WHPCWorkshop on High Performance Computing
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Traditionally, the WHPC has been an important body to study for several reasons.
The impact of the professionalization may be especially acute for WHPC members.
RQ1: Do women and men WHPC members emphasize different political issues in presidential conferences?
The WHPC, including its less formal beginnings, operated for over half a century before the first woman joined its ranks.
This conceptual section has focused thus far on one key player in a presidential conference: WHPC journalists.
First, Helen Thomas was the first woman member of the WHPC and joined during the Kennedy administration, yet, based on a review of the records, it was not until 1969 that the White House started to consistently identify journalists in conference transcripts.
The first research question focused on whether female and male WHPC members emphasized different political issues in presidential conferences.
Additional work is needed to better understand the role of these influences in WHPC presidential news conferences and how they may intersect with a journalist's gender, professional norms, and presidential party affiliation.
Rather, the results suggest that other factors, such as professionalization, extramedia influences, and political ownerships, play a potentially more powerful role in shaping WHPC members' agendas.
(2) Notably, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt also played a pivotal role for women journalists because she held women-only press conferences to encourage newspapers to retain women journalists, which helped to eventually establish women as part of the WHPC (National First Ladies' Library, 2017).