WHQWorld Headquarters
WHQWork and Health Questionnaire (screening tool)
WHQWestern Historical Quarterly (Utah State University; Logan, UT)
WHQWelsh Housing Quarterly (UK)
WHQWar Headquarters
WHQWaters Headache Questionnaire (pain management survey)
WHQWashington Historical Quarterly (journal)
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"WHQ has a capacity of 650 and it has a homely atmosphere with the friendliest staff in Newcastle.
Scott explains: "We've known Tommy Caulker who runs WHQ for years and Shindig started out in 1992 at Club Afrika, which he ran.
Of course, Shindig are no strangers to WHQ. Their Easter soirees are always a sellout and over the last 18 months the club has also hosted their (occasional) Tweakin' parties.
There is a rumour going around that the WHQ crew have been nagging the New York-based DJ to return ever since he put his records back in his box last December.
Each day, patients either received 200 mg Pycnogenol or placebo, and recorded their symptoms using the Women's Health Questionnaire (WHQ).
Whq has pledged to raise PS50,000 this year to help the charity transform slum communities and fund a team to fly to Nepal for further charity work.
The songs have been handpicked by WHQ DJ and owner, Tommy Caulker.
WHQ & Nat Turner Live Events have commissioned 15 London-based session musicians to come together and play a selection of hits and under-appreciated album tracks atWylam Brewery, Exhibition Park on Thursday, April 11.
ALWAYS ones to attract a wide mix of talent to Tyneside, this week sees the return of two spinners who have proved big hits on their previous appearances at WHQ.
His last appearance at WHQ on Bonfire night last year was one of the highlights of the year and hopes are high his return will prove just as exciting.
As well as Frankie's set on Thursday, May 27, the team behind WHQ are promising a host of other exciting names over the next few weeks.