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WHTCWashington-Holmes Technical Center (Chipley, FL, USA)
WHTCWashwood Heath Technology College (England, UK)
WHTCWestern Historic Trails Center (State Historical Society of Iowa; Council Bluffs, IA)
WHTCWhite Horse Theater Company (New York)
WHTCWinton Hill Technical Center (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
WHTCWomen's High-Technology Coalition
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In this study, the WHTC shown in Figure 7 was applied for the arbitrary transient test cycle in Process (i) and Process (ii) because the WHTC covers a wide operation range of the engine.
e]/dt during operation of WHTC with the engine test cell in Process (i), [FC.
the court dealt with the allocation of consolidated taxable income to WHTCs and utilities for purposes of determining the special deductions allowed by sections 922 and 247.
This marks the first WHTC event solely focused on California State Legislators," said Leslee Guardino, Co-Chair of the WHTC.
By providing an atmosphere that generates sincere discussions and access to industry leaders, the WHTC presents women leaders the opportunity to foster political change.
035g/kW-hr soot in a WHTC with a cycle average DPF inlet temperature of 255[degrees]C and a maximum of 420[degrees]C.
for the composite WHTC which is calculated by 1/6th cold start WHTC + 6/7th hot start WHTC.
9L engine (on the higher engine speed region similar to ESC cycle), while the WHTC cycle is weighted more in the region of 1500 rpm (relatively lower engine speed region similar to WHSC cycle).
995-7] (c)(4) provides, in part, that - [F]or taxable years of a DISC ending before November 15, 1982, base period export gross receipts do not include receipts attributable to property sold or leased to a WHTC [Western Hemisphere Trading Corporation] or receipts which arose in the absence of a written supplier's agreement unless the receipts were treated as qualified export receipts by the taxpayer.
The clear implication of the foregoing provision is that other qualified export receipts (receipts not attributable to property sold or leased to a WHTC or receipts arising in the absence of a written supplier's agreement) must be included in base-period qualified export receipts regardless of the treatment of such receipts by the taxpayer.
The WHTC 2005 is the first of a series of biennial conferences focusing on the commercial and business aspects of the hydrogen-related technologies.
and the energy consumption of machines can not / kWh more than 300 g WHTC calculation norm.