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Prior to the adoption of the WHTI, travel document requirements varied and depended on a mixture of factors, namely "nationality of the traveler and whether or not the traveler [was] entering the United States from a country within the Western Hemisphere," (64) but all U.
DHS implemented WHTI at land and sea ports of entry as of June 1, requiring travelers to present an approved travel document to enter the United States.
For now, the Mexican tourist destinations expected to feel the most immediate impact from the WHTI are Cancun and nearby resorts in Quintana Roo state, which are popular with US tourists and most easily accessible by air.
and Canadian businesses, Business for Economic Security, Trade & Tourism (comprised of over 60 companies and associations), reviewed the PASS proposal associated with the WHTI and estimated that it would reduce commerce between the United States and Canada, costing the U.
The ramifications of the WHTI will also hit United States.
The WHTI was a provision of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 that required all travelers from Canada and Mexico to present a passport, or another form of secure documentation, to enter the United States.
The Detroit Regional Chamber won its first hard fought victory in September 2007 when Congress passed a 17 month extension of the implementation deadline for WHTI.
In addition to its increase in NIV workload, Mission Mexico will be facing increases in its passport workload due to the implementation of WHTI.
We'll continue to work with and address Canadian concerns every step of the way as we implement the Congress-mandated WHTI provisions along our northern border.
WHTI, the Recession, and Cross-Border Travel 5 BORDER POLICY BRIEF, no.
In March 2011, GAO reported a greater than 95% compliance rate with WHTI requirements in FY2010.