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WHUPSWeb Horde User Problem Solver
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In the second, he beats Apollo Creed;, in the third, he loses his crown to a thug and Apollo helps him win it back; in the fourth, Apollo is killed by a 10-foot Russian who Rocky then whups; in the fifth - oh, you get the idea.
And on the following night we had one of those great nights in Cup football when not only does the diddy team beat the big guy, he WHUPS him.
The bookies are on run and admit they stand to lose pounds 4million if Britain's greatest golfer whups Woods.
In pointed contrast to The Simpsons, Hank and his perpetually confused son bond in a sitcom dialectic straight out of The Cosby Show, arriving at lessons that wouldn't displease William Bennett: A father is a son's best role model (Bobby learns that I.R.S.-indebted guest star Willie Nelson is not a suitable alternative); a father who lies to his son or whups him risks intervention by the hated authorities; it is a father's duty to teach his son to respect women, something Hank is forced to do when his own hell-raiser of a father, who insists on calling Peggy "Mrs.