WHVWilhelmshaven (Northern Germany, Headquarters of the German Navy)
WHVWorking Holiday Visa
WHVWarner Home Video
WHVWestdeutscher Handball Verband (German: West German Handball Federation)
WHVWoodchuck Hepatitis Virus
WHVWomen's Health Victoria
WHVWestdeutscher Hockey-Verband (West German hockey association)
WHVWell Head Vacuum (environmental remediation)
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Juco testified how he would constantly be screamed at while at WHV and have work piled on him.
One of the volunteers, Martina Lazzati from Italy, expressed how heritage and archaeology could be used as tools for understanding and appreciating other cultures, especially through programmes such as the WHV.
Meeson's WHV English Literature in Transition 57.4 (2014): 497-518.
Okult enfeksiyonlu hastalarin karaciger dokusunda dusuk de olsa saptanabilir duzeydeki viral transkripsiyon ve replikasyon aktivitesinin HSK gelisimi icin yeterli zemin hazirladigi one suren yaklasimin (51,97) hepadnaviruslere duyarli hayvan modellerinde de gozlemlenebildigi, keza Woodchuck (WHV) hepatitis virus ile enfekte woodchuck (dag sicani/kemirgen) HSK modelinde WHV ile enfekte hayvanlarin cogunda HSK gelismesine karsin, WHV yuzey antijeni serokonversiyonu ve enfeksiyonun kontrolunu isaret eden uygun antikor profili saptandigi, ayrica hayvanlarin tumor dokularinda saptanan WHV DNA miktarinin da insanlarda saptanan viral DNA miktarlari gibi asikar WHV enfeksiyonlu woodchuck'lardan daha az miktarlarda bulundugu gosterilmistir (98-100).
The NWHN considered this approach as it transformed the WHV service to better meet the needs of today's members and supporters.
This year they intend to build on the achievement and the learning from the previous WHV project and will implement the WHV-Youth at the Terraces which is approved by UNESCO.
Bank made two staff announcements; the Angel Capital Association elected a new chairman, vice chairwoman and directors to its board; Charles Reinhard joined MainStay Investments; and the Rivington investment team joined WHV Investments.
Although woodchuck infected with the woodchuck hepatitis virus (WHV) offers a favorable model, (21) whether it is an entirely representative of the human setting is yet to be discussed.
Sagan, "The Problem of Redundancy Problem: Whv More Nuclear Security Forces May Produce Less Nuclear Security," Risk Analysis 24, no.
3210 Orleans St, $546,000 for commercial alterations/repairs: maintenance repairs to existing 42-unit apartment and common areas; includes roof patch, repair siding, interior finishes, cabinet work, new mechanical WHV, new water heaters: Bellingham Housing Authority.
(6) That may explain whv more than a dozen trials on thousands of people have found that antioxidant supplements either had no effect on, or, in a few cases, increased cancer risk.