WHVPWedged Hepatic Vein Pressure
WHVPWeber Hartmann Vrijhof Partners (Switzerland)
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Eight of nine NRH individuals had a normal WHVP; all 12 hadelevatedportalpressuresand9/10hadanelevatedHVPG.
Right cardiac catherization (mmHg) Initial RA 5, PA 31/15 (mean 22) After albumin RA 13, PA 57/30 (mean 39), PWP 20, CO 5.5 L/min PFTs DLco 9.33 L, VC 2.75 L Portal pressure measurements (mmHg) Initial after albumin FHVP 16, WHVP 17, HVPG 1 Pre-TIPS without FHVP 2, WHVP 4, HVPG 5, albumin PVP 15, PPG 11 Post-TIPS FHVP 5, WHVP 7, HVPG 2, PVP 14, PPG 7 RA: right atrial pressure, PWP: pulmonary wedge pressure, CO: cardiac output, FHVP: free hepatic vein pressure, WHVP: wedge hepatic vein pressure, HVPG: hepatic vein pressure gradient, PVP: direct portal venous pressure measurement, PPG: portal pressure gradient (PVP minus WHVP), PFTs: pulmonary function tests, DLco: diffusion capacity of carbon dioxide, VC: vital capacity, TIPS: transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.
OCT-LAR (N =12) Baseline Last follow-up P WHVP (mmHg) 26.9 [+ or -] 2.3 22.6 [+ or -] 1.6 <0.05 FHVP (mmHg) 11.0 [+ or -] 1.1 9.8 [+ or -] 1.3 <0.05 HVPG (mmHg) 15.9 [+ or -] 2.4 12.8[+ or -]1.6 <0.05 TABLE 3: Biological values at baseline and last follow-up.
Abbreviations [alpha]SMA: Alpha smooth muscle actin ALT: Alanine aminotransferase AST: Aspartate aminotransferase APRI: Aspartate aminotransferase to platelet ratio index FHVP: Free hepatic vein pressure GGT: Gamma-glutamyl transferase HAI: Histologic activity index HCV: Hepatitis C virus HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus HVPG: Hepatic venous pressure gradient LOXL2: Lysyl oxidase-like 2 MRE: Magnetic resonance elastography NASH: Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis qRT: Quantitative real time RNA: Ribonucleic acid TGF[beta]1: Transforming growth factor beta-1 TIPS: Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt WHVP: Wedged hepatic venous pressure VCTE: Vibration-controlled transient elastography.
Ten patients (62%) underwent WHVP. The Rex vein was clearly identified in 8 (80%) patients.