WHWPWestern Hemisphere Warm Pool
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(2006) pointed out that the seasonal cycle of SST is important in defining key climatological features, especially during summer-autumn, such as the WHWP development (Wang & Enfield, 2001; Wang & Fiedler, 2006), the appearance of MSD (Magana et al., 1999; Karnauskas et al., 2013; Herrera et al., 2015; Maldonado, Rutgersson, Alfaro, et al., 2016) and favorable areas for cyclogenesis (Goldenberg et al., 2001).
In boreal summer, the WHWP dominates the SST distribution over most of the ETPac region (Magana et al., 1999; Wang & Enfield, 2001, 2003).
Using the top 4 predictors, TNA, TSA, LHF, and WHWP, we can construct an Atlantic TC prediction model without using the predicted values of ENSO index.