WHYHWest Haven Youth Hockey (Connecticut)
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Whyh migrag nta workerk s,r anywn ayw, y when the cryr is "British jobs for British workerk s"?r St Matthew e again: "TheT harver st trulyl is plenteous, but the laboura er r sr are r few.e " There'rs ' your answes r.
That's' whyh I'd' saya to whichec vee r Cardiffr City fana has that magic lamp - forget repavinga the roads, they'lle wear downo again, forget the gulls, theye breed...r let's' havea a wish for Llanishen Reservor ir.
I am totallyl bemusedm whyh Cardiffr City is imposing this restriction just on the Familyl Stand.
She said: "There are many n reasons whyh additional tutoring is needed.
I'm likek that with babies, a which c is whyh todaya I can bring you the world's' first r EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWR with Wee Georgie r Windsor.
Thish motion is not designed to rake a up old soresr but to addressr a serious concern of the public that Cardiffr has spent morer moneye on compromiser agreg ements than anyn other local authority.y Whyh should Cardiffr need to spend morer than other authorities in England or Wal a es?
Givei n Ty Hywelw is not an old building, manyn taxpayea rswillbe left wondering whyh somuchis being spent on doing it up.
Manyn havea wonderedr this week whyh the South Wales a Vallea ys,e the part of Walesa that is the biggest beneficiaryr ofEU spending, should havea been showno to be the most anti-EU arear of Wales a in a recent poll.
Had that extinction of the dinosaursr neve er happened, some expertsx say,a therer was no reason whyh theye couldn't' havea continuedn to rule Earth up tothe presentr day.a After all, they'ed' been aroundr for 160 million yearsr beforfe r that collision.
He added: "Happily, l therer seems no reason whyh we should be anything n more r than spectators.r" What a differentr world if that had happened.
Profr Davies,a a former A&E nurs u e and emeritus professor r ofthe Univei rsity of Glamorgan,r added it is difficult to see whyh Walesa was being so slowo to adopt the treatment.