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WIADWomen in Astronomy Database (American Astronomical Society)
WIADWomen in Agriculture Development
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The district coordinator for Women in Agricultural Development (WiAD) which serves to help farmers, particularly women, to engage in alternative income generating activities explained that off-farm income generating activities in the district have increased in the last fifteen years and have been skewed towards trading, logging, and small-scale mining.
Swings: + 1.1 Hot A/C WIAD, + 0.9 Urban WKYS-F; -- 1.3 Gospel WPRS-F, -- 0.9 Christian WGTS-F.
Poulton, "Dynamic spectrum access based on cognitive radio within cellular networks," in Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Wireless Advanced (WiAd '11), pp.
Droga sygnalowa ras jako cel dzialania inhibitorow transferazy farnezylu--nowe, obiecujace mozliwosci leczenia chorob nowotworowych Wiad Lek.
17 WPGC-F Rhythmic-CHR CBS.+ 0.1; 1.4-1.6-1.5, DC CBS Tropical WLZL 0.7, Hot A/C WIAD 0.2.
10 WIAD Hot A/C CBS.+ 0.5; 3.3-3.3-3.8.CBS Balto A/C WLIF & Hot A/C WWMX both up 0.1-0.2.
16 WPGC-F Rhythmic-CHR CBS.+ 0.2; 1.4-1.4-1.6, from DC, CBS Tropical WLZL 0.6, HotA/C WIAD 0.2.
16 WIAD Hot A/C CBS.-- 0.1; 3.4-3.3-3.3.CBS Balto A/C WLIF & Hot A/C WWMX both 0.1 in DC.
Quality of life in visual disturbances in multiple sclerosis Wiad Lek.
16 WPGC-F Rhythmic-CHR CBS Radio.-- 0.1; 1.5-1.4-1.4, CBS DC Tropical WLZL 0.6, Hot A/C WIAD 0.1.
17 WPGC-F Rhythmic-CHR CBS Radio.-0.2; 1.6-1.5-1.4, Tropical WLZL 0.6, Hot A/C WIAD 0.2, all CBS from DC.