WIBEWirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung (German: Economic Efficiency)
WIBEWhitaker Institute of Biomedical Engineering (University of California, San Diego)
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Bernstein TE, Endreseth BH, Romundstad P, Wibe A, Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Group.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-August 22, 2011--Norwegian Comrod to acquire 80% in Swedish Wibe Telescopic Mast(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 15, 2010-Deltenna to launch WiBE in India(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Cavotec will also supply its Wibe cable support system to the development, adding to the firm's portfolio for the Muscat International Airport project.
(1.) Abhinav Vishnu, Huub Van Dam, Wibe De Jong, Pavan Balaji, and Shuaiwen Song, Fault-Tolerant Communication Runtime Support for DataCentric Programming Models, to be presented at HiPC 2010, Goa, India, Dec.
Camera (color, HD-to-35mm), Phillip Ogaard; editor, Jens Christian Fodstad; music, Halfdan E; art director, Gert Wibe; set decorator, Havard Schei; sound (Dolby SR), Nina Solito, Ketil Ronold; sound designers, Frogner Kino, Gisele Tveito; assistant director, Tonje Rolland; casting, Andrea Eckerbom.
According to the daily The Irish Times, Soren Wibe, leader of the June List (Junilistan), confirmed that representatives from Libertas offered him a substantial amount of money - up to one million euro - in order for his party to agree to change its name to Junilistan-Libertas.
During the exhibition, Cavotec MSL will present products from Wibe, Brevetti, Aura, Cavotec Specimas, Cavotec Alfo, and Cavotec Micro-Control among many others.
Hansing and Wibe (1992) showed that the Wood Fibre Act primarily had negative economic impacts.
3M Gulf Ltd, 9 AB Wibe Cable Support Systems, 37 Aggreko International, 1
For detailed discussion see Heathfield and Wibe (1987) and Johansen (1972).