WIBSWindsor Internet Booking System
WIBSWeekly Incorrect Benefit Scheme (UK)
WIBSWomen in Black Scotland (UK)
WIBSWomen in Business Symposium (San Diego, CA)
WIBSWorthington Integrated Building Systems (Columbus, OH)
WIBSwill it be soon?
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Women in Black (WiB) describe themselves as a Women's Feminist-Antimilitarist Peace Organization.
Overall, the composition of state and local WIBs were reduced significantly in size.
* Develop new course modules, courses, and programs for improved training of building trades workers in energy efficient building systems in partnership with industry, organized labor, education institutions, workforce investment boards (WIBs), and others
The Regional Employment Board of Hampden County (REB) is one of sixteen WIBs in Massachusetts.
The WIB staff perceived this group of older workers as having particular need for developing the fundamental skill set of finding and applying for employment.
Less common, however, are collaborative relationships between cities and WIBs, which would likely be the result of voluntary leadership efforts between the WIB and city government.
As a Bergen Workforce Investment Board (WIB) member and serving on the WIB's RFP review team, Crestron Senior Director of Human Resources Martin Devaney advises the WIB on maximizing growth in advanced manufacturing and other demand occupations.
States with model WIB nurse workforce initiatives that involve both baccalaureate and associate degree RNs, as well as LPNs, include Washington, Georgia, Texas, California, and Wisconsin.
In this section, we examine the literature on the effects of performance incentives on the behavior of local training centers--e.g., SDAs in JTPA and Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) in WIA --that provide employment and training services to the disadvantaged.
There are important provisions in WIA designed to attract more employers to the nation's workforce investment system, including the establishment of Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), which are policy making entities led by employers.
Table C.2 Objectives of the Women's Affairs Bureau in Afar Funded by Project description Regional government (to be funded) (1) Construction of a training center for women (2) Projects to improve the living conditions of women (3) Biogas Project (agricultural bureau) Ethiopian Social and (1) Typing training (two cycles) Rehabilitation Development Fund (2) Training in handicrafts production (Ungah), only in Asayita wereda Donors United Nations Development (1) Training in handicrafts Programme production (2) Cotton weaving United Nations Educational, (3) Primary education Scientific, and Cultural Organization United Nations Children's Fund (4) Credit scheme within the Wereda Integrated Basic Services (wibs) Source: Regional background report on Afar, 1997.
In some states, such as North Carolina, the CRC effort was led by the community college system, while in others, state or local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) led the way.