WICASWomen in Church and Society
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(12.) We view the rebalancing of a portfolio on occasion (once a year or even every few years) as an infrequent activity that is part of prudent management of portfolio (Tokat and Wicas 2007).
(4) For a discussion of the biases in examining the performance of emerging markets, see Tokat and Wicas (2004).
When a group is being honored, or the one being honored does not have an Indian name, the following can be substituted: Lakota hoks'ila or Lakota wicas'a (Sioux boys or dancers); wicas'a kin' or winyan' kin' (The dancer or the woman); heyuska kin' (Any member of the Grass Dance Society); opeya okolakiciye (society member); oyate kin' (the people) or even tuwe seca (whoever, i.e., an unspecified person).
WICAS also brings you some of the issues that still need to be addressed, like female genital mutilation which is argued for and against.
It is with a deep sense of sadness and loss that WICAS announces the demise of Ms.
WICAS congratulates her and feels proud of her contribution.
WICAS, The Women's Desk of LWF, also has published a draft document on this subject entitled "Churches say "NO" to Violence Against Women".
All it takes is the resolve that women should reclaim their lost inheritance To be God' daughters, good stewards of the Calling, And fully knowing that "Everything is possible to the one who believes." Priscilla Singh Secretary, WICAS
The WICAS Secretary was appointed to the core committee that drafted the Caucus' document on Violence against women.
The convention was honored by the attendance of several special guests, among them WICAS Secretary Ms.
The document, "A Clear Plan of Action" of WICAS, adopted in the LWF Council Meeting in 1992, provides clear guidelines for the achievement of equality between men and women.