WICATWireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology (Polytechnic University of Brooklyn)
WICATWorld Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching (Utah)
WICATWorld Interactive Computer-Assisted Training
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Several of Wicat's GED-oriented curriculum products are in place.
Both Wicat's GED testing software and the Florida State Competency Tests are online.
A fourth model developed exclusively by Wicat is auto-prescription.
For example, some systems require specific hardware for development, but courseware developed using the authoring system can be delivered through other types of hardware (e.g., IMSATT, WICAT'S WISE, Authorware's Course of Action).
During the past four years, the board of education has acquired all of the Computer Research Systems software, WICAT software and approximately 150 pieces of instructional software for all grade levels and subject areas.
And the Wicat Open Architecture Learning System, from Wicat Systems, Inc., operates on an IBM PC, PCjr or PS/2 computer as well as on the Apple IIe, IIc and IIGS.
In a $1 million-plus transaction, the Ogden City School District in Utah has purchased 17 computer-based learning systems from WICAT Systems, Inc.
Staff at LSSC had been interested in the early development of CAI vendor Wicat Systems of Orem, Utah.
A Wicat system was brought to Indiana by the Indiana Consortium for Computer and High Technology Eudcation in June 1985, which provided a hands-on experience for LSSC staff members.
Some time after the June demonstration, a board member, the superintendent and six teachers visited the Coleman School in Chicago, where a Wicat system was in use.
LSSC wrote a proposal for the maximum great amount of $60,000, which would have provided at least half of the amounted needed by buy a CAI system from Wicat. The consortium approved LSSC's proposal, but in the meantime, various district problems associated with a shortage of funds became the primary concerns of everyone at LSSC, overshadowing other considerations.
In the latter part of October 1986, the Wicat CAI system was installed in the Linton-Stockton Elementary School.