WICIWomen in Communications, Inc. (now the Association for Women in Communications, AWC)
WICIWorld Intellectual Capital Initiative (est. 1997)
WICIInternational WIC (Web Intelligence Consortium) Institute
WICIWireless Innovations in Communications Initiative (US DOC)
WICIWest Island College International (Canada)
WICIWilkerson Instrument Company, Inc. (Lakeland, FL)
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Categorizing the disclosures by type would have provided greater insight into the types of voluntary disclosures provided by the firms and the extent to which various types of disclosures recommended by the WICI were provided and may improve analysts' forecasts.
OfW) Women and recognition as 2005) WICI (2007) Women's Safety girls separate and UNIFEM (2008) Strategy (2002) distinct VicHealth (2007) Gender Revising the Sida (2007) Time for Action: relations political DFID (2007) National Transformation process from a WHO Plan for Action gender (Bartolomeos (2009) analysis at et al.
Development and operation of WICI will need the participation of (i) an insurance company, (ii) an appropriate vehicle to collect premiums - possibly a seed supplier or agricultural inputs supplier with capacity to undertake the required tasks, (iii) a financial institution through which the payments can be made, and (iv) a communications strategy and an entity to facilitate the dispatch of notices to insured farmers.
In a particularly controversial move, a 40-member task force recommended that WICI suspend Fall 1995 elections for four national board seats.
Christy Bulkeley, chair of the task force, a former WICI president and a Gannett publisher, said that timely reform is difficult in a membership body of 8,000.
Every autocrat through history has suspended democratic rule and used that excuse," said Kay Lockridge, past president of WICI.