WIDAWorld-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (educational consortium; est. 2002)
WIDAWorld Irish Dance Association
WIDAWestern Iowa Development Association (Avoca, IA)
WIDAWestern Iowa Dairy Alliance (Sanborn, IA)
WIDAWeather Impact Division Aids
WIDAWeather Impact on Decision Aids
WIDAWomen in Development Association
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WIDA ELP Standards [C] 2007, Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.
The WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards, 2007 Edition, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 ("WIDA ELP Standards").
The standard documents were obtained from California Department of Education (1998, 2002), Florida Department of Education (2006), New Jersey Department of Education (2004), and WIDA (2007).
I was usually seen as the expert on second language acquisition and, as a WIDA employee, on WIDA products (such as English language proficiency assessments and standards).
On the second face-to-face day of the CLIMBS program, the content discussed is related to the implementation of the WIDA English language proficiency standards in classroom planning and instruction (see Table 1, Module 2).
3) The WIDA English language proficiency standards served as the basis for the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) English language proficiency standards.
States in the WIDA Consortium defined English language proficient as the point at which students' English language proficiency becomes less related to academic achievement.
In a paper examining English learners' language proficiency growth, Cook and Zhao (2011) examined the time needed to attain an English language proficient score in one WIDA state.
How English language proficiency assessments manifest growth: An examination of language proficiency growth in a WIDA state.
Giving a student that doesn't read and write English special accommodations, such as extra time or a bilingual dictionary, doesn't actually level the playing field," says Tim Boals, executive director of the WIDA consortium.