WIDDWorld Industrial Design Day (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design)
WIDDWarfighting Integration and Development Directorate (US Army, Fort Sill, OK)
WIDDWhy I Don't Date (website)
WIDDWater Investigation and Development Department (India)
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The charges followed an incident when two men approached Mr Widd after he left his cash delivery van outside the bank shortly after 7pm.
CHAMPAGNE MOMENT: Bucks fizz on the way to London HEIR WE GO: Regina Widd, Tina Palmer, Robert Shaw and Roger Palmer HIP, HIP, HOORAY: Bus driver Paul toasts the royal couple ROYAL BLUE: Annie Workman on her way to the Royal Wedding CAPITAL DAY OUT: Hopping off the coach in London CHEERS: Roger and Tina Palmer RAISE A GLASS: Passengers get in the spirit BIG DAY OUT: Nasima Pathan, Aamir Vorajee, Qaasim Akil, Ayesha Pathan, Hamida Akil, Barakahtabassum Pathan, Kaneeze Akil and Rashida Pathan NO FLAGGING: Passengers aboard the Harry Shaw coach show no signs of feeling the strain despite the early start
Through a series of international events on June 29, initiated by Icsid members and non-members alike, WIDD provides designers and like-minded design enthusiasts from a wide spectrum of professions with a channel to engage with one another.
WIDD is a global event, which brings attention to the important advancements of industrial design, and its contribution to the industrial community.A*USAID launch Packaging sector awareness initiative
Ac ia, hi sy'n y llun efo fi, felly do, mi ddois a nghamera efo fi a gofyn heb ronyn o gywilydd: "Plis can ai haf my pictiyr tecyn widd iw?"
The first programme sees one Dr Sarah Widd swapping the treating for being treated.
Kathryn Widd is a South African paleontologist struggling to come to terms with a physical deformity, her neglected sexuality, and the cutthroat competition of her profession.
Inspiration Arryn Widd with mum Yvonne, dad Dean and sister Mia with Doddie Weir and Richie Gray
Taipei, May 5, 2010 (CENS)--To celebrate the World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) on June 29, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) asks designers to organize events celebrating this year's theme: "Industrial Design: Humane solutions for a resilient world."
Dean Widd, 34, who is Scottish advocate for UK Muscular Dystrophy, was shopped by another guest after drinking at a cheque presentation event in Paisley.