WIDDWorld Industrial Design Day (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design)
WIDDWarfighting Integration and Development Directorate (US Army, Fort Sill, OK)
WIDDWhy I Don't Date (website)
WIDDWater Investigation and Development Department (India)
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The charges followed an incident when two men approached Mr Widd after he left his cash delivery van outside the bank shortly after 7pm.
CHAMPAGNE MOMENT: Bucks fizz on the way to London HEIR WE GO: Regina Widd, Tina Palmer, Robert Shaw and Roger Palmer HIP, HIP, HOORAY: Bus driver Paul toasts the royal couple ROYAL BLUE: Annie Workman on her way to the Royal Wedding CAPITAL DAY OUT: Hopping off the coach in London CHEERS: Roger and Tina Palmer RAISE A GLASS: Passengers get in the spirit BIG DAY OUT: Nasima Pathan, Aamir Vorajee, Qaasim Akil, Ayesha Pathan, Hamida Akil, Barakahtabassum Pathan, Kaneeze Akil and Rashida Pathan NO FLAGGING: Passengers aboard the Harry Shaw coach show no signs of feeling the strain despite the early start
Through a series of international events on June 29, initiated by Icsid members and non-members alike, WIDD provides designers and like-minded design enthusiasts from a wide spectrum of professions with a channel to engage with one another.
WIDD is a global event, which brings attention to the important advancements of industrial design, and its contribution to the industrial community.A*USAID launch Packaging sector awareness initiative
Ac ia, hi sy'n y llun efo fi, felly do, mi ddois a nghamera efo fi a gofyn heb ronyn o gywilydd: "Plis can ai haf my pictiyr tecyn widd iw?"
The first programme sees one Dr Sarah Widd swapping the treating for being treated.
Kathryn Widd is a South African paleontologist struggling to come to terms with a physical deformity, her neglected sexuality, and the cutthroat competition of her profession.
Inspiration Arryn Widd with mum Yvonne, dad Dean and sister Mia with Doddie Weir and Richie Gray
[22.] Aberg, A., Widd, A., Abildskov, J., and Huusom, J.K., "Parameter Estimation and Analysis of an Automotive Heavy-Duty SCR Catalyst Model", Topics in Catalysis, 2016, doi:10.1007/s11244-16-0573-3.
Taipei, May 5, 2010 (CENS)--To celebrate the World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) on June 29, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) asks designers to organize events celebrating this year's theme: "Industrial Design: Humane solutions for a resilient world."
Dean Widd, 34, who is Scottish advocate for UK Muscular Dystrophy, was shopped by another guest after drinking at a cheque presentation event in Paisley.