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WIDRWorld Internet Dance Radio
WIDRWestern's Inter-Dormitory Radio (Western Michigan University)
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Mechanistically, fucoxanthin against HCT-116 and WiDr cells demonstrated cell cycle arrest at [G.sub.0]/[G.sub.1] phase via upregulation of [p21.sup.WAF1/Cip1] (cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor protein) as a mechanism for the antiproliferative and apoptosis inducing potential of fucoxanthin which maybe related to the antitumorigenic effect [44].
Confocal laser microscopy reveals the bovine serum albumin-antibody specific receptor mediated uptake of SWCNTs by the human colon adenocarcinoma cell WiDr cells with subsequent targeting of doxorubicin intracellularly to the nucleus [128].
He worked there for five years while attending Western Michigan University and also cohosted a talk radio show at the college radio station, WIDR. He spent a year each as news director and general manager, then went to the local NPR affiliate, WMUK.
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As correlation between 5-lipoxygenase inhibition and antiproliferative effects has earlier been witnessed for related lichen metabolites, tenuiorin and methyl orsellinate were further tested for antiproliferative activity on cultured human breast (T-47D)-, pancreatic (PANC-1)- and colon (WIDR) cancer cell lines.
Effects on [[H.sup.3]]-thymidine uptake were determined for 3 cultured human cancer cell lines; T-47D (breast), WIDR (colon) and PANG-1 (pancreas).
The human cancer cell lines T-47D (breast), WIDR (colon) and PANC-1 (pancreas) were obtained from ATCC through LGC Nordic AB, Boras, Sweden.