WIELWomen in Educational Leadership
WIELWerkgroep Industrieel Erfgoed Limburg (Dutch: Industrial Heritage Working Group Limburg; Limburg, Netherlands)
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Of all the stage-to-gallery transpositions I've seen, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's recent exhibition at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels resolved these dilemmas most impressively.
WIELS CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE * February 14-May 3 * Curatiecl by Koyo Kouoti * Bringing together the work of six women artists from throughout Africa, this exhibition seeks new definitions of black feminism in a global context via what promises to be a striking visual conversation.
WIELS CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART Avenue Van Volxem, 354, 1190 Bruxelles Tel: 02 340 00 51 Fax: 02 340 00 59
Wiels International Artists in Residency Exhibition