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The WIF aims to fill the gap by establishing a global platform that is inclusive and universal at the highest policymaking level.
The changing composition of countries participating in the PfP program has affected the budget and focus of the WIF program, which supports the participation of PfP countries in military exercises and military contact programs.
While the creation of the WIF was part of a global phenomenon of decolonization, Parker argues that it took on unique characteristics because of U.S.
According to recent studies (Aryee, Fields, & Luk, 1999a; Carlson, Kacmar, & Williams, 2000), work-family conflict is multidimensional, with effects from the work domain influencing WIF conflict and effects from the family domain influencing FIW conflict.
Implicit within the definition are two types of work-family conflict, work interference with family (WIF) and family interference with work (FIW).
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Despite recommendations by work-family conflict researchers to use measures of both directions of work-family conflict (e.g., Frone et al., 1992) and the findings of Netemeyer, Boles, and McMurrian (1996) that both WIF and FIW conflict were significantly correlated with turnover intentions, researchers have been inconsistent in their operationalizations and conceptualizations of work-family conflict.
The first WIF will be held at Oxford University, UK, for five days beginning September 3, 2000.