WIGEWing in Ground Effect
WIGEWeekend in Gothic Earth (role playing)
WIGEWax Impregnated Graphite Electrode (chemistry)
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"Nu ure peoden ligep, eorl on eoroan, us is eallum pearf paet ure aeghwelc ooerne bielde wigan to wige, pa hwile pe he waepen maege habban and healdan." (233b-236a)
Ne purfon me ymbe Stur-mere stedefaeste haelep wordum aetwitan, nu min wine gecrang, paet ic hlafordleas ham sioie, wende fram wige; ac me sceal waepen niman, ord and iren." (246-53a)
The options were agreed with two core shareholders of Mood and Motion and envisaged the exchange of one share in Wige Media for 3.5 shares in Mood and Motion.
He alleged that Paksitan People's Party ministers had looted money and promoted their personal big wiges with bad intention to snatch public right acrossthe Sindh.
Still, we can see a trait of humanity in the dragon when gaining insight into its mind through lines such as, "hwaeSre wiges gefeh,/beaduwe weorces" 'he worked himself up/by imagining battle' (2298-99) and "beorges getruwode,/wiges ond wealles" 'now he felt secure/in the vaults of his barrow' (2322-23).
And before the dragon is fatally wounded during combat with Beowulf and Wiglaf, the poet notes that the monster "had trust in his barrow, in his war and his wall: his expectation deceived hito" 'beorges getruwode, wiges ond wealles; him seo wen geleah' (57; 87.2322b-23b).
panon woc fela geosceaftgasta; waes paera Grendel sum, heorowearh hetelic, se aet Heorote fand waeccendne wer wiges bidan; paer him aglaeca aetgraepe wear??; hwaepre he gemunde maegenes strenge, gimfaeste gife, ??e him God sealde ond him to Anwaldan are gelyfde, frofre ond fultum; ??y he pone feond ofercwom, gehnaegde helle gast.
OE heard is used as an epithet of battle in line 214b heard gewinn 'fierce conflict', and in relation to a warrior in line 130a wiges heard '(one who was) fierce in war'.(15)
[THORN]aer laeg secg manig garum agieted, guma norderna ofer scield scoten, swelce Scyttisc eac, werig, wiges saed.