WIHAWalk-in Hunting Access
WIHAWestern Inline Hockey Association (California)
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Before she enrolled her land in WIHA, Cross had problems with hunters trespassing and taking pot shots at the windmills on the farm ("The ones who don't ask permission tend to be the reckless ones").
Currently, the department holds title to 1 million WIHA acres available during the fall contract period (September 1 or November 1 through January 31), and almost 150,000 acres during the spring (April 1 through May 31).
Over the past three or four years, the north-central and south-central portions of the state have provided good pheasant hunting," said Brad Simpson, Kansas DWP private lands coordinator and general over-seer of the WIHA program.
The first thing I'd suggest someone do," said Simpson, "is obtain a copy of the current WIHA Atlas, and start to make their plans from there.
Although Simpson says he can't directly credit the WIHA program for that jump, it's a safe bet the easy access to quality land has had a major impact on the increase in visits by out-of-state hunters.
Currently nine states, mostly in the Midwest, have WIHA programs up and running, and several other states are looking to start programs soon.
We would love to have a WIHA program," explains Alan Peoples, chief of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.
One of the committee's suggestions was to institute a WIHA program, although little or nothing has been done about the suggestion.
The ODWC's budget depends solely on the revenue from hunting and fishing license sales, and some say this is why Oklahoma will never have a WIHA program.
During our initial search for WIHA property in southwest Kansas a few years ago, my friends and I fully expected to find a vast array of grainfields brimming with pheasants.