WIHDAWomen Initiative for Human Development Association
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For his part, Wihda Party SG Thiyab told The Star, "The way the government dealt with protesters on Friday was too bloody; with the existence of such a government, it's very hard to trust that the state is seriously convinced and honest in its approach towards reform, and any dialogue under such conditions would be useless; in addition to that, the nature of the committee and its agenda are still weak as it is limited to only two laws, elections and parties laws; and even the constitutional amendments that were added to its agenda are fake, as they only allow amendments concerning those same specific laws; nothing is satisfying or reassuring about the committee which is practically working only to absorb anger."
Contactant plusieurs noms, dont l'actuel entraineur du club saoudien Al Wihda, la direction mouloudeenne, a sa tete Achour Betrouni, a fini par debloquer la situation d'un club qui risquait d'aborder la prochaine journee du championnat sans entraineur.
About 20 ISIL Takfiri militants and three Kurdish fighters were killed in the battles to seize the villages of Wihda, Saad and Khalid, near the town of Daquoq, some 40 km South of Kirkuk, capital city of the province with the same name, the source said on condition of anonymity, Xinhua reported.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Mutahidoun MP Wihda al-Jumaili charged "the sectarian forces, under Iranian control, of minimizing the role of the Sunnis in the coming Iraqi Parliament".She added that "Iran worked during the past ten years to minimize the role of the Sunni component in Baghdad through compulsory displacement, sectarian violence and arbitrary arrests".Jumaili did not name any sources behind such practices.She added that the electoral results did not express the real Sunni volume in Baghdad, because the belt of Baghdad area was unable to participate due "to artificial floods", which resulted in weak figures for the Sunni component.MP Jumaili disclosed that her alliance will call the international community to "assist in revive the real representation of the Sunni sect".313
The event has been organised by the Bahrain Youth Society (Al Shabiba) as part of the Wihda Wahda (Let's Unite) campaign, a national scheme promoting social reconciliation, co-ordinated by the Social Development Ministry.
(AKHBAR LAYOUM): *Etat du Sud a accuse les forces armees de bombarder l'Etat de Wihda ...Le porte-parole nie.
It is part of the Wihda Wahda (Let's Unite) campaign - a national scheme aimed to kick-start social reconciliation among Bahrain's youth after the unrest.
"Topping the list of such areas are Al Rumaitha area opposite the new Sharjah Traffic Department, Al Qabael Shopping Centre, National Paints Roundabout, and Al Wihda Road," Karam said.
Hadi Khitan , member of Wihda Party's youth bureau one of the main opposition parties , told The Star, "As I participated in the last protest, I assure the security forces were very helpful; we are the sons of Jordan and our demands are for the interests of Jordan; the government realize that suppressing free expression will definitely raise the ceiling of demands."
HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa honoured the winners of the different games in Nasser 8 including the basketball tournament winner VIP, handball winner Al Nebras, volleyball tournament winner Muharraq and the football academies juniors tournament winners Kickoff, in addition to the participating teams in the football tournament, Victorious, Al Nawayef, Forever, Al Zilzal, Nomas, Batelco Gunners United, Al Fakhar, Al Wihda, United Youth, Al Maseef, Cobra, Majestic Car Showroom and Al Zaeem.
Earlier, Mutahidoun MP Wihda ala-Jumaili stated that Hashimi can nominate himself for the presidency, because "he is innocent and victim of a multi-sources conspiracy".