WIIHWojewodzkiego Inspektoratu Inspekcji Handlowej (Polish: inspection of commerce; Poland)
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(15) synthesized some semiaramatic alternating polyesteramides through polyaddition from aromatic bis(2-oxazoline)s wiih aliphatic dicarbox-ylic acids.
"Thats fine, but we still need to have as a back-up system the old fashioned way of talking face to face wiih the one human being in the press office who has access to the man on top."
A living polymerization is also characterized by narrow polydispersity products, linear increase in molecular weighl wiih conversion, and the ability lo extend the chains by sequential addition of monomer.
According lo ASTM E 2149 (2001), the test started by diluting the bacteria solution wiih peptone waler in sterilized Erlenmeyer flask lo produce a bacterial solution 50 ml (O[D.sub.600], = 0.1).
Because of the slightly different solvent density, both the initial concentrations of the -C=C- associated with BMI ([[M].sub.[omicron]]) and the active hydrogen atoms of the two >NH groups and one >[CH.sub.2] group associated wiih BTA ([[[B.sub.H].sub.0]]) were kept constant at 1.04.
During the break down of polymers, nucleophilic terminal hydroxyl groups are replaced wiih less reactive groups like alkyl groups (39).